How to get a Motorbike licence in Thailand,

Motorbikes & Scooters in Thailand – What Are the Rules?

Thailand Driving License Online Test.

I made this test from the documents with questions and answers that I got from the web. These questions aren’t the same you’ll see on the exam but similar and people who’ve passed the exam told me that this is enough to prepare.

There were mistakes in original documents but I left them as is not to be misleading. You can download the documents the test is based on using the links at the top.

On the real exam, there will be 50 questions instead of 90. 5 errors are allowed. If you don’t pass at the first attempt, you’ll be able to try the next day.

The New Theory Test + Real Questions

One improvement that has been made is the introduction of a harder theory test. In an effort to improve road safety, a new test (effective since June 1st, 2014) requires that students have to answer 50 questions instead of the old 30.

You’ll need to score 45 questions correctly to pass, which means a passing grade of 90% instead of the old 75%. That’s pretty hard and needless to say a lot of people are failing.

You can download and print out real test questions at the following links:

>> Thai driving theory test part 1

>> Thai driving theory test part 2

>> Thai driving theory test part 3

But does a harder theory test improve people’s ability to drive? Perhaps they will understand more road signs, but at the time of passing their test, their ability to control a car on the road will be limited to the experience of an obstacle course in a car park with no other cars on the road.

Surely the answer to decreasing road deaths and traffic accidents in Thailand is to start offering lessons on roads and to create a more realistic test that takes users out in real-world situations. Or would that be even more dangerous?

Hell, how many people actually have a real license in Thailand anyway?

If you want to know how drivers should be driving in Thailand, have a look at the official Thai traffic laws here.


How to Apply for a Thai Driving License

What most people don’t know is that you are required to have a Thai driving license if you have stayed in the country for 60 or more days. Bear in mind though that you can’t get a license on a Tourist Visa.

If you already have an international driving license, you won’t need to take the practical test, but will need to take the following:

  1. A short eyesight test (colour perception, peripheral vision, depth perception)
  2. A reflex examination
  3. A computer-based test (in Thai & English language only) on the rules of driving

Documents Required

1. Medical Certificate

Get this from a local doctor or hospital. It must not be older than 30 days. Cost is between 100-500 Baht.

2. Residency Certificate

This is proof of address and is provided by the Immigration Bureau or foreign embassy.  You can download the form here. When you go to get this, take 2 color Photo’s 1.5 in x 2.36 in (4 cm x 6 cm). Proof of residence in the form of a rental contract or yellow residency book or a letter from your landlord.

3. Copy & Original of Passport & Non-Immigrant/Other Relevant Visa

Simply copy the front page of your passport, the visa page, latest stamp page and your  TM6 card. Take your original passport with you too.

4. Valid License / International License

You will need your current motorbike or car license, be it an international one or one issued by your country.  If you don’t have one you will have to complete the practical and theory exams. If you license is not in English, you will have to get it officially translated and authorised by your embassy.

5. Identification Card / Other Card Substituted for ID Card

6. Application Forms

>> Download the license application form

>> Download the English translation

If you are renewing a license or extending from 1-year to a 5-year, click herefor the official requirements.

To find your local transportation office, see this directory here.

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How to apply for a Motorbike  licence,


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