Visit Taling Chan Floating Market

This authentic floating market is only held on Sunday afternoons. It is off the beaten tourist path a bit, but you can get there by taxi fairly easily from central Bangkok, or you can even take the train from Thonburi station (on the west side of the river). If you take the train, it is only a couple stops away!

Explore Local Neighborhoods & Markets (away from central BKK tourist zone)

When we travel, we enjoy seeing the main sights, but we also really like to get away from the main tourist zones to see what the place is all about. In Bangkok, we enjoyed checking out the local neighbourhood that we were staying in. This area of small neighbourhood streets near Bangrak (south of the old city on the east side of the river) is a 200-year-old Thai neighbourhood, and you would be hard pressed to find another westerner around here.

Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand – #3 Get a Workout at Night at Lumpini Park

Lumphini Park is like the Central Park of Bangkok. This massive green space is located right in the middle of the city and is easily accessible by all forms of transportation. It’s nice to visit in during the day, with plenty of green space to relax, playgrounds for the kids, and even a lake with boats that you can rent.  But as the sun is going down, the park comes alive with people who want to workout without the blazing heat.

Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand – #4 Have Dinner in Chinatown!

When you find a great dining spot in Bangkok with this kind of ambience and entertainment, you can’t help but want to tell everyone about it! We’ve talked about this guy a couple times, but seriously, you must check him out!

Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand – #5 Fully Relax With a 2 Hour Traditional Thai Massage

What is a visit to Bangkok without a message? We are a sucker for massages, they are our guilty pleasure for sure. And it’s hard to turn down a massage in Thailand where they are so much cheaper than back in the States. Besides the foot reflexology (which I’m a bit addicted to), the authentic Thai massage is the way to go here.